The Empire State Relief Fund was started in 2012 and is dedicated to providing resources to help recover from Hurricane Sandy and rebuild and restore homes.

We are proud of the outpouring of support that New Yorkers and Americans provided to all victims of the storm but still need your help in order to ‘Restore, Rebuild and Return’ our neighbors to the quality of life they enjoyed before the devastation.  As indicated in our Mission Statement, the purpose of this fund is dedicated to bridging the gap between the amount covered by FEMA and insurance companies, and the amount that our fellow New Yorkers truly need to restore their civility and their livelihood.

Please consider contributing to our cause, to help New Yorkers everywhere get back on their feet. 

Please contact us at if you are interested.

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Initial Board of Directors

Ronald E. Blaylock
Jane Rosenthal
William C. Rudin
James H. Simons
Richard J. Sirota

For information on Sandy related support from New York State please call 1-855-NYS-SANDY

Our Mission: To provide funding, materials and services to help New Yorkers who are faced with rebuilding and restoring return to their homes and recover from the storm.

The Empire State Relief Fund is dedicated to providing resources to help recover from Hurricane Sandy and rebuild and restore homes.  The challenges that New Yorkers face as a result of Hurricane Sandy are unlike any we have ever seen before.  Thousands of New Yorkers saw their homes destroyed or irreparably damaged by Hurricane Sandy.  Many more will face extensive, expensive repairs to make their homes habitable again.  Some New Yorkers will receive a measure of assistance from private insurance, FEMA, and other government funding sources.  However, in many cases, New Yorkers will face a substantial gap between the cost of repair or replacement of their home and the funds available to them to cover this cost.  The Empire State Relief Fund will focus on long-term residential housing assistance to help fill the funding gap and ensure that New Yorkers can continue to call New York home.